So Stargate con will be the same weekend at the same hotel. Is anyone going? I'd love to share a room (and my sanity) since I've never been to a con before and I figure it'll be cheaper (and safer).

I really want to go cuz it's the 10th anniversary of Farscape this November.

And if no one here is going, does anyone know someone who is? Or should I just ask my Stargate IRC friends? I would ask on Gateworld.... but it IS the internetz and all and I have an established trust with my IRC buddies.

I might not go. It is a month before exams and I will miss Friday's class (and probably my last one on Thursday) if I want to get there Thursday night, and I don't even know if stuff starts in the morning on the Friday or not!

That and plane tickets are expensive. *sigh*


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