I seriously just want to cry now.

So in the past month or so, I had slipped on ice twice and totally damaged the corner or my laptop. I thought she was ok, but this week she was acting up (phantom enter key presses, no BIOS on bootup) and then today she totally just wouldn't boot anymore.

So, me being as brilliant as usual, cracked her open. Literally. I exposed the motherboard and accidentally yanked some stuff out (which seemed ok btw) but when I turned her on she just beeps a nice long beep. I also lost a screw in her.

*sigh* My poor baby. At least my hard drive is ok. I'll just have to buy a new one and an external hard drive case to get my data back.

At least her essence survives in the hard drive. I guess that's why I named her Aeryn, I knew she would die one day mysteriously and nothing I do would save her from her death.

I don't know what to do. I have no motivation to study or do anything now. -.-
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