So, day 1 of E3 is done. Or at least the press conferences are. You can (re-)watch them on and I believe. If not today, then soon!

Very meh. The only cool moment was them demoing Mass Effect 3 squad control using voice commands via Kinect voice recognition. Microsoft promised all these things back when Kinect was Natal and they've only delivered 50%. 10% is because the hacker community found work-arounds and Microsoft got all uppidy about it.

Meh. Overstrike was very shiny though. Here's the trailer.

Overall, they stood out the most for me cuz it was fun. I'm sure it helped to have a comedian host. New Rayman's game (Rayman Origins) and RABBIDS ARE BACK!! :D :D :D Of course, Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

Poor Jack Tretton. He's really not a public speaker. It wasn't all bright and shiny like Ubisoft, but it was interesting. NGP is named Vita (aka life) and wifi version costs $249.99, 3G+wifi costs $299.99. Quite a few interesting games, quite a few stupid ones too (not fault of Sony though).

Annnnnnnnnnnnd... I needs sleep.
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