I wrote sooooo much yesterday!!! Like 3 poems. A short one and 2 long ones. Makes me happy. I've had such a creative block lately. I guess I just needed to stop stressing out and get rid of the mental blocks I've been putting up lately in order to keep myself relatively sane.

They're back up, but that's cuz I need to stay sane. It took a lot of ranting and alcohol to get me in a good place to write. Heh.

Also, I just remembered that today is Sunday. Ooops. I had wanted to go to slashers brunch. Oh well.

So I have a poem I want to workshop/edit/make better. Anyone interested in helping? Warning though, it's dark.

Anyways, here's something I wrote yesterday that is not depressing (for once). Unedited and raw (and slightly terrible :P)

Sadness overwhelms me faster than lightning can hit
Threatening to drown me in its darkness
But there's no point in dwelling here in the past
There's so much life ahead, just waiting to be lived

Or at least that's what I keep telling myself
It's better to be living for things yet to come
As moving forward is the right thing to do
No matter how impossible it might seem

We can't relive the past
No matter how much we want to
Just gotta trust in ourselves
Cuz if we don't, then no one will

And then who would be left to hold our hand or dry our tears?
Who would live our brightest day, or darkest night
No one... except you can.
No one but you can live your life

So don't waste a single moment of it
Dreading failures that might not happen
When there are so many beautiful things just over the horizon
But you'll never see them if you don't start moving forward.

Copyright © 2012 Katrina L. Halliwell, Jessica K. Wong.

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