Fandom: Sword of Truth series
Characters: Kahlan, Cara
Prompt: The Field Where I Died
Rating: General
Word count: 260
A/N: In the book-verse, CPR (well, when you give someone air) is called the breath of life. Also, Cara calls Kahlan 'Mother Confessor' as a sort of endearment.
Warning: Not beta'd. Any mistakes are my own.

“I died once, you know...” )

Fandom: Sword of Truth series
Characters: Nicci, mention of Richard, Kahlan and Cara
Prompt: Nicci's backstory (we were given some in the books, either do a snippet using that canon or make it up completely to stick in the show!verse)
Rating: General
Word count: 470
Warning: Not beta'd. Any mistakes are my own.

A/N: This is Nicci's reflection on the past. It's book-verse, but everything's more or less explained in the story. Basically, in Soul of the Fire, Kahlan was mortally injured and was spelled so that any magic used to heal her would kill her. So in Faith of the Fallen, Richard and Cara brought Kahlan to Westland to recover and he builds a small house for the three of them to live in seclusion and paradise. It's also when Cara learns to bake bread!

I sorta wrote this to go, what if at the end of Faith of the Fallen, Richard, Kahlan, and Cara get to go back to their paradise and be happy? And, of course, to see how Nicci's changed since the events in the book.

Nicci's reflection... )


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