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( May. 26th, 2008 04:16 pm)
Sam/Teal'c... not only during seasons 9 & 10.

i.e. season 2, ep : ‘A Matter of Time’, Stargate: SG-1
Is it just me or has there always been this thing between Fraiser and Hammond?

And we all know that Jack and Daniel are so married.

Watching Message in a Bottle at the moment. Yay for having the series boxset.

Not yay is that I'm gonna have to wake up before 6am for work on Tuesday. I haven't been up that early in years. *sweats* Well, gonna have to get up that early some days for school prolly.
Yay! After returning the one I got from Amazon cuz it was inappropriately damaged during shipment and buying a new one today at Future Shop (which has a$5 off coupon for Continuum), I'm very proud to say that I own this dvd in all its shinyness.

Firstly, I'd like to say, whoever designed the packaging needs a bit of common sense. Shiny part should NOT go on the sleeve that covers the dvd case but on the dvd case itself so it doesn't get scratched. And, why it is that the sleeve is so tight a fit that it fits like a male condom that's almost too small for that it's holding? *sigh*

I really don't feel like discussing this cuz... well... I've seen it like 4 times now (yes, I watched it several times before it came out) and frankly, this should've been the last ep of SG-1, not Unending. *grrr*

I liked Unending, but not as the last chapter of a series.
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( Sep. 29th, 2007 10:12 pm)
So, I guess it's old now cuz I haven't been on SGW forums since April or something but... op-core looks totally awesome. Gonna have to start posting on the forums though. There's a guild that looks like my kind of guild but has sorta strict req's.

*fangirl moment*

Anyways, anyone see the SGA premiere? General opinions? No spoilers plz! I haven't seen it!
* heavy sigh* WHY? WHY??????

pathetic little rant about money and Farscape con )

rant about Stargate scripts this half of the current season of SG-1 (10) and SGA (3) )

Happy Reading Week for everyone in college/university who's off this week. I've got like half the shit I want done actually accomplished, which is actually 90% more than what I expected.


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