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( Oct. 22nd, 2010 04:55 pm)
I got tumblr, but I never got around to finding a use for it. But I've figured it out!

Fandom media! :D

I follow a bunch of fuckyeahs and hellyeahs, but yeah...

(Sorry, words == nonexistent. Brain dead already from too much studying and projects.)


Feel free to follow/like/re-blog/whatever.

I seriously need to remake my LJ/DW layout, and make one for tumblr (although I do like the glassy one ^.^). And slap a Disqus comment system on tumblr.

Yay for Gillian! I think she's going to kick some serious ass next ep. XD Although I want some Emily/Cal scenes.


canuck_kat: Lie To Me: Gillian Foster (Default)
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