So yeah, I decided to do this. Let's see if I can keep on schedule!

Day 01 - A show that should never have been cancelled
I'm torn between Legend of the Seeker, Dollhouse, Firefly and Farscape.

  • LotS: There are like 11 or so books. There's so much material for the show, even if it doesn't follow the books at all (which is good imo).

  • Dollhouse & Firefly: Quite honestly, aside from Buffy, network execs like to cancel Joss Whedon shows far before he gets in the meat of things. At least with Dollhouse, he had a good (but very fast) wrap-up of everything, whereas in Firefly case, fans had to wait for Serenity.

  • Farscape: Although Farscape only had one to three more seasons at best, it's still sad that it got cancelled. I love this show to bits, and having three-ish seasons worth of stuff crammed into the last half of season 4 and the Peacekeeper Wars was just a bit too confusing.

Anyways, off to figure out what consitutes a minor character in LotS. Gotta finish some icons for a [ community profile] legendland challenge.
canuck_kat: Matrix: Trinity (hide&seek)
( Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:56 am)
I just want to say that Olivia Williams as Adele Dewitt is so totally HOT! *thud*

That and everyone should watch Riese. It's a fantasy/steampunk/sci-fi web series (which means it's 5-7 minutes long per ep).
canuck_kat: Lie To Me: Gillian Foster (Default)
( Dec. 21st, 2009 12:09 am)
OMG. No spoilers, but seriously? I thought Dollhouse was gonna end up like Alias and have major suckage, but no.



3 more eps until the end of Dollhouse! Boo at Fox!


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