So yeah, I decided to do this. Let's see if I can keep on schedule!

Day 01 - A show that should never have been cancelled
I'm torn between Legend of the Seeker, Dollhouse, Firefly and Farscape.

  • LotS: There are like 11 or so books. There's so much material for the show, even if it doesn't follow the books at all (which is good imo).

  • Dollhouse & Firefly: Quite honestly, aside from Buffy, network execs like to cancel Joss Whedon shows far before he gets in the meat of things. At least with Dollhouse, he had a good (but very fast) wrap-up of everything, whereas in Firefly case, fans had to wait for Serenity.

  • Farscape: Although Farscape only had one to three more seasons at best, it's still sad that it got cancelled. I love this show to bits, and having three-ish seasons worth of stuff crammed into the last half of season 4 and the Peacekeeper Wars was just a bit too confusing.

Anyways, off to figure out what consitutes a minor character in LotS. Gotta finish some icons for a [ community profile] legendland challenge.
So, the boy showed me Mushi-shi last night. It's a pretty cool anime that's pretty philosophical. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes anime that's deep than the mainstream stuff.

Anyways, the theme song ("The Sore Feet Song" by Ally Kerr) totally fits what Kahlan and Cara would do the protect Richard. O3P or whatever ;)

OR, it can be what Kahlan and Cara would do for each other if they get separated. ^^

lyrics under here )
So I'm done school (and have been for about a week!) but this de-stressing thing isn't quite working.

I've been working on my business plan for my summer company grant, and it's giving me stress. It's getting more awesome but it's just a pain cuz I'm not good at documenting anything.

Working on my portfolio site is non-existent. I think I'm just still really burned out from school. But I have the basic underlying coding done, so it shouldn't take that long to get it together.

Fandom-wise, I've been obsessed with Legend of the Seeker! However, apparently ABC isn't renewing it for a third season (sign the petition to save it here).


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