I dunno if I've ever mentioned it before, but I cannot pull all nighters. I eventually get to a point of braindeadness and then I have to sleep.

That being said, it's 20 til 4am and I'm still up and have been writing on and off since 1am or something. Wrote 2K+ words, which is normal for me at a non-write-in. I'm still 10K behind, but it's a much smaller 10K than last week. Hurrah!

I would like to write 5K in a day for 3 days in the next 10 days, but I dunno if it's possible with all this school work that I have. Hopefully it is.

Meanwhile, I'm constantly amazed but the metamorphosis the concept of my story is taking. It went from scifi with small bits of fantasy elements, to a scifi fantasy novel. I'd like to re-write it or something and make a proper outline one day. ^_^

Also, sadly, not going to the dangerously write-in. I need sleep, especially cuz of school.

P.S. I love The Hunger Games! It was a wonderful read that took me about 2 or 3 hours straight non-stop. I'm itching to read book 2 of the trilogy now.
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( Dec. 1st, 2008 08:27 pm)
So I didn't finish. Yes, I know, shame on me :P

School's been ridiculously hectic and since I have no true time management skills come, say, mid-October, I kinda screwed myself over.

I think I might go back to fanfiction next year. Dunno. Or I'll just re-write this year's nano lol. Man, original fiction is hard!

Good news though, I broke my record of say 5k words of original fiction and it now stands at 32k. It's very impressive I say. ^^

And cuz I must, the bad news is that I'm addicted to the new BSG. -.- Damn that weakness to space soaps. However, I must decree since I don't know the original series, I think the new series is really something out of my head. Darn those thought-stealing satellites.
Hello campers!

I've been so busy as of late, haven't been on LJ for months (but I posted my tweets! :P).

Too busy to do a proper blog, but I've got this to say: who the hell doesn't make a word processing program to backup their files? OMG >_< My essay (which is 30% late now so it's soooo not getting written) overwrote my nano with my essay. Heh. I lost 2k worth of great writing.

*headdesk and wonders off to write her fingers off*
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( Nov. 26th, 2007 12:38 pm)
I've been doing NaNo all week. It's oodles of fun but my poor muse is feeling kinda ragged so I'm taking an hour break.

I've actually been doing it all week but I've been cramming all week, as per usual. I've come to realize that my last minute cramming is a bad thing but I can't seem to break the habit. *shrug*

Of the late, I've been feelings kinda stressed. I have a paper and a midterm exam this week on Thursday which I don't feel prepared for at all. I also have a final exam on the 6th (too early!!!!) and my Swedish exam on the 8th (extremely early for that this year).

And then I found out that the premier for the two short films I worked on at the end of the summer is the 7th. At 7pm. That's right, the day before my Swedish exam. What the frell is that?

I guess it's payback for procastinating... but that means I prolly can't go to my own premier. ARGH!!!!!!

I'm so fucking tired of things going my way for a week and then everything just goes to hell after that.

I'm so fucking tired of trying to be optimistic cuz that's what people think I should be cuz it'll make my life better. You know what? It just making my life a living hell cuz I'm setting myself up for disappointment over and over again.

BTW, I should added that the class I have a paper and a midterm exam for on Thursday is ASL. I love that class! Makes my Tuesday and Thursday worth it. Especially since the class after is a total waste of my time and energy. Logic for idiots it really is.

Hope my fellow NaNos are getting to that 50K mark! To those who haven't, it's doable. Trust me. I may not have won yet, but I did bang out like 5K words on Friday. And 3K yesterday without trying. So it's very doable. winks at you

Happy Monday y'all!
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( Nov. 26th, 2007 01:11 am)
OMG! If I keep up these late night nanoing... I just might win this year!!! *does happy dance*

Wrote exactly 3005 words today. Will write more later during/between class.

Although I must study and do my readings. Bummer.
OK, now I've officially banged out 5K in 24 hours.

This is so disturbing on so many levels.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2007 11:43 pm)
Holy Batman! I wrote 4K words in one day!


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