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( Sep. 29th, 2007 10:12 pm)
So, I guess it's old now cuz I haven't been on SGW forums since April or something but... op-core looks totally awesome. Gonna have to start posting on the forums though. There's a guild that looks like my kind of guild but has sorta strict req's.

*fangirl moment*

Anyways, anyone see the SGA premiere? General opinions? No spoilers plz! I haven't seen it!
So, I suppose I can't be too mad at the studio (now, is that MGM?) for switching ep 14 (Sunday) with ep 15 (Tao of Rodney [ToR]) cuz ToR was awesome! And filled with Rodney awesomeness! And lots of Hewlettisms!


///Edited after spoiling everyone\\\ *facepalm*

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