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( Jan. 8th, 2011 02:40 pm)
So it's been like forever since I posted anything. *sigh*

I've been busy busy doing clientwork and the near death experience of last semester. Seriously, having about 2.5 full time jobs' worth of work on top of lectures should be forbidden.

The good news is... I have more knowledge in my brain.

Anyways, there are two classes this semester I'm super happy about. Photography and graphics programming. They're both fun so far, and I have great profs, and there's just a great semi-relaxed atmosphere about them.

3D graphical programming however.... well.... I'm not sure how I feel about it since the prof spends EVERY SINGLE LECTURE TELLING US HOW HARD HIS CLASS IS GOING TO BE.

Scare tactics ftl. -.-

I've also been trying to get this Lie to Me fan appreciation book project off the ground, which is hard since I can't market anything. Hopefully people will keep seeing my tumblr posts and tweets. I should post on the official forums or something. Heh.
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( Dec. 12th, 2010 11:39 pm)
I find it both really refreshing and a bit depressing that fandom makes me motivated when I'm least motivated about anything. I'm totally overthinking it though, cuz this totally makes me super happy.

People in fandom are generally amazing and I love giving back. ^_^
*is kinda sad that she can't tag people like on Facebook for this post*

Ok, so I'm thinking of putting together this giant compilation book of stuff from fans to send to the LTM production team, basically to say how much we love them. I know bevfrank and speckleberry are making this video project, but I know not a lot of people are comfortable putting their faces/hands on the internets.

More info under here... )
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( Oct. 22nd, 2010 04:55 pm)
I got tumblr, but I never got around to finding a use for it. But I've figured it out!

Fandom media! :D

I follow a bunch of fuckyeahs and hellyeahs, but yeah...

(Sorry, words == nonexistent. Brain dead already from too much studying and projects.)


Feel free to follow/like/re-blog/whatever.

I seriously need to remake my LJ/DW layout, and make one for tumblr (although I do like the glassy one ^.^). And slap a Disqus comment system on tumblr.

Yay for Gillian! I think she's going to kick some serious ass next ep. XD Although I want some Emily/Cal scenes.
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( Oct. 19th, 2010 08:52 pm)
*smushes Gillian* You need to find a new job, missy! You can't let Cal treat you like that.
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( Sep. 14th, 2010 01:06 pm)
Ugh. It's the first week back in school and I've officially had all 4 of my classes. I liked and/or can deal with most of my classes, but I'm going to hate my communications skills prof.

rant under here )
Here's a quickie.

School starts this Friday for me! (I have Thursdays off) and I'm quite excited to be learning 3D modelling. Not excited in the least for Human Computer Interface & Design though. Ughhhhh....

So I left Team Kahlan. I can't even keep up with the first 5 challenges, blarg. My life gets too busy too fast. But I guess it's a good thing cuz I was getting pretty stressed about Legendland.

I just came back from a concert/show put on by Amanda Rheaume. It was AMAZING! But this stupid sore throat is bugging the hell out of me and I didn't want to get the poor girl sick right before her across Canada tour. Still got a hug though! XD
EPIC HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saying. :P

P.S. What if we got Zedd, Cara, Kahlan and Darken Rahl doing an epic hair, fantasy photo shoot music video? I think I would die from the epic hair awesome!!!!
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( Jul. 6th, 2010 01:21 am)
Hey everyone!

This is just a heads up that I'll be AWOL for the next 2ish weeks due to much "partying" at the Ottawa Bluesfest *G*

Seriously though, I'm going to be busy volunteering and going to concerts.

Here's what I might be seeing:
July 6: Alexz Johnson, LIGHTS, Iron Maiden, Wayne Brady (they have a comedy stage this year! ♥)
July 9: Hole, Joan Jett (not sure if I'm going since this is the day I hang out with the boyfriend)
July 10: Love Machine
July 11: Amanda Rheaume, the Sadies, Doc Walker, RUSH
July 13: Sarah Harmer, Alexisonfire, Arcade Fire
July 16: Great Big Sea! (which I won't be going, got WAY too claustrophobic last time), Night of the Living Dead Live! (not going to this though lol, I might watch from afar, mebbe)
July 17: Night of the Living Dead Live! (again!), Lewis Black

There are some Hollywood acts such as Kevin Costner (who was a musician first, then an actor! who knew!) but I'm not interested lol.

If I don't get the job, I'll be doing more volunteer shifts. Hopefully I get the job though =\ *touch wood*

I will be packing sunscreen cuz I was outside for less than an hour and I started to burn :(
The new costume:

Photobucket (click to enlarge)


Anyways, I'm looking for roommates for this awesome 6 bedroom house that's near Baseline station and Algonquin College and Loblaws. There already two potential girls who want to room there (who I don't know) so I need 3 more roommates.

It should be interesting living with girls since I've never lived with one (my mother doesn't count). I really really hope I got that government job but I have this feeling that I totally botched the interview last week :(
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( Jun. 24th, 2010 11:32 am)
OK, so there was an earthquake yesterday around 1-1:30pm EDT and quite frankly I didn't feel it.

I'm quite sad, I love earthquakes for some reason.

You would think that since it was a 5.0 I would've felt it even if I was on the street and not in a building. But noooo.... The houses creaked around me, the windows rattled, and I just figured that I was tired enough not to notice the strong wind. The strong windless wind. -.-

On other news, government job is a go I think! I have an interview on Monday. *knocks on wood*
So yeah, I decided to do this. Let's see if I can keep on schedule!

Day 01 - A show that should never have been cancelled
I'm torn between Legend of the Seeker, Dollhouse, Firefly and Farscape.

  • LotS: There are like 11 or so books. There's so much material for the show, even if it doesn't follow the books at all (which is good imo).

  • Dollhouse & Firefly: Quite honestly, aside from Buffy, network execs like to cancel Joss Whedon shows far before he gets in the meat of things. At least with Dollhouse, he had a good (but very fast) wrap-up of everything, whereas in Firefly case, fans had to wait for Serenity.

  • Farscape: Although Farscape only had one to three more seasons at best, it's still sad that it got cancelled. I love this show to bits, and having three-ish seasons worth of stuff crammed into the last half of season 4 and the Peacekeeper Wars was just a bit too confusing.

Anyways, off to figure out what consitutes a minor character in LotS. Gotta finish some icons for a [ community profile] legendland challenge.

Fandom: Sword of Truth series
Characters: Kahlan, Cara
Prompt: The Field Where I Died
Rating: General
Word count: 260
A/N: In the book-verse, CPR (well, when you give someone air) is called the breath of life. Also, Cara calls Kahlan 'Mother Confessor' as a sort of endearment.
Warning: Not beta'd. Any mistakes are my own.

“I died once, you know...” )

Fandom: Sword of Truth series
Characters: Nicci, mention of Richard, Kahlan and Cara
Prompt: Nicci's backstory (we were given some in the books, either do a snippet using that canon or make it up completely to stick in the show!verse)
Rating: General
Word count: 470
Warning: Not beta'd. Any mistakes are my own.

A/N: This is Nicci's reflection on the past. It's book-verse, but everything's more or less explained in the story. Basically, in Soul of the Fire, Kahlan was mortally injured and was spelled so that any magic used to heal her would kill her. So in Faith of the Fallen, Richard and Cara brought Kahlan to Westland to recover and he builds a small house for the three of them to live in seclusion and paradise. It's also when Cara learns to bake bread!

I sorta wrote this to go, what if at the end of Faith of the Fallen, Richard, Kahlan, and Cara get to go back to their paradise and be happy? And, of course, to see how Nicci's changed since the events in the book.

Nicci's reflection... )
So, the boy showed me Mushi-shi last night. It's a pretty cool anime that's pretty philosophical. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes anime that's deep than the mainstream stuff.

Anyways, the theme song ("The Sore Feet Song" by Ally Kerr) totally fits what Kahlan and Cara would do the protect Richard. O3P or whatever ;)

OR, it can be what Kahlan and Cara would do for each other if they get separated. ^^

lyrics under here )
So I'm done school (and have been for about a week!) but this de-stressing thing isn't quite working.

I've been working on my business plan for my summer company grant, and it's giving me stress. It's getting more awesome but it's just a pain cuz I'm not good at documenting anything.

Working on my portfolio site is non-existent. I think I'm just still really burned out from school. But I have the basic underlying coding done, so it shouldn't take that long to get it together.

Fandom-wise, I've been obsessed with Legend of the Seeker! However, apparently ABC isn't renewing it for a third season (sign the petition to save it here).
...which obviously mean I'm ridiculously behind on things.

School: seriously lacking off on the studying and assignments and projects.

Life: need moar sleep!

Work: need to register mah biz, write up business plan for ontario's summer student company grant and all the stuff that goes along with starting a new web design business.

Luckily, I have an online friend who's helping me with the work part (yay contacts!), and I'll sleep when it's summer. Haven't quite figured out what to do about the school thing though.

*must resist urge to have a Farscape marathon*
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( Feb. 1st, 2010 07:02 pm)
I'm very close to not going to school at all tomorrow. I can barely stomach solid foods, nevermind the exhaustion, headache, muscle sore/weakness, and chills.

Unfortunately, I have a business test tomorrow and if I CAN get a doctor's note, then whatever's it's worth is added onto my final exam. SO NOT FUN.


P.S. I'm really glad I didn't watch the Grammys. It's really WAY over the top. But Pink's performance looked awesome.


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